Meditation has become a major buzzword of late. Although it has been around for thousands of years, modern day science is now giving us insight into how and why this practice is so amazing. It is also a practice I have taken up this year that has produced amazing change in my own life.
1)    Stress Reduction. 
With the emergence of new technology as one of the many other distractions of modern day life, focusing our brains on any one particular thing has become increasingly difficult. This often leads to the feeling of being overwhelmed. As well as this our brains have a tendency to both stress about the past and worry about the future. Both of these situations are a major cause of modern day stress. Constant meditation trains the part of your brain that is responsible for focus and helps the scattering brain to become calm.
2)    Prefrontal Cortex. 
Training any muscle in the body increases that muscles strength and efficiency. The more the muscle is trained, the stronger it becomes, and the better it performs. Practicing meditation is training for the brain, especially the prefrontal cortex part of the brain. The prefrontal cortex is responsible for focus, self-discipline, and impulses. It is the main creative part of the brain. Dedicated meditation improves the prefrontal cortex ability to perform all it's tasks. 
3)    Improved Performance. 
As stated above the prefrontal cortex is responsible for tasks such as focus and self discipline as well as creativity. When we are able to get all of these working at their optimum, highly functioning efficient performance is bound to follow. You will feel grounded and focused and regain the ability to make decisions from a calm and relaxed place. 
4)    Brain Health. 
Brain training will improve brain function. Brain growth, brain neuron connectivity and efficiency all contribute to a healthier brain!
5)    Happiness. 
This is a very interesting one. Regular meditation in no way guarantees a happy existence. But when you look at the above benefits you can start to understand how meditation can help you get to the core of true happiness. For a long time, and especially now more than ever before, modern day individuals have seek happiness in all manner of external factors. Clothes, houses, money and a multitude of other things come to mind. Yet in a time of so much abundance we seem to suffer more from a feeling of lack, depression and pursuit of happiness seems harder than ever.

Meditation, I believe, begins to set us in the right direction in that pursuit for happiness. It begins to teach us to look within and find satisfaction and peace internally. Once satisfied on the inside, all manner of conditions externally can be handled in a much more calm and understanding way. We also begin to view material objects in a much more objective light. 
Fazz, Qualified Fitness Trainer & health Enthusiast