In recent years, research into gut bacteria and its importance to human health has rapidly increased. It is fantastic that we now have an increasing amount of information and data on this subject. I’m keen to ensure this information spreads as widely as possible because there are still too many people who don’t know about the amazing effects of these ‘organisms’ or the existence of “good bacteria” in the first place.

So firstly let me explain why probiotics and the good bacteria they provide are so important for us:

  • Its biggest importance is to our immune system. Having a good amount and the right balance of good bacteria is absolutely crucial to a fully functioning immune system and our overall health.
  • Brain function and digestion. The effects of adding probiotics to your diet takes up to 2 weeks. Better digestion and gut function have been known to dramatically improve energy levels and concentration.
  • Clear and glowing skin. We all want to look better and feel better and our skin takes most of the strain – a healthy gut helps keep your body in better shape and this shows on your face.

So now you have some idea of why these unseen powerhouses are so important. What are some of the signs that it may be time for you to start adding probiotics to your diet?

1. If you’ve taken antibiotics at any time in the past 5 years:
Antibiotics work by killing the bad ‘things’ in your gut. In doing so it unfortunately also annihilates the good bacteria. This then leaves you with a resolved ailment, but also your good bacteria wiped out and not able to replenish.  Repopulating your gut with probiotics during and straight after a course of antibiotics is essential to prevent this from happening.

2. Food poisoning:
Food poisoning happens when there is a shift in the equilibrium of good and bad bacteria in your gut and ultimately the bad side wins. Taking probiotics can really help to keep this balance in check and ensure your guts defense is better prepared.

3. Digest issues and disturbances:
As i mentioned above good gut bacteria plays a huge role in how we digest food. If you suffer from any digestive problem it is possible that repopulating the good bacteria by adding probiotics will go a long way to improving your overall health.

4. Mood:
90 percent of serotonin, known as your bodies “happy chemical” is made in our gut. Fixing your gut bacteria will allow for better production of serotonin and this will in turn begin to have positive effects on your mood and day to day out look in the world.

5. Weak immune:
If you constantly get sick a few times a month, or cant seem to shake an illness relatively quickly, there could be a good chance your good bacteria is not up to the levels it should be.  Optimum levels of good gut bacteria and a strong robust immune system go hand in hand
I really hope this post gives you some helpful insight and knowledge into the world of probiotics and gut health.

Fazz, Qualified Fitness Trainer & Health Enthusiast