Ever wondered how much more work you could get done if you didn't have to sleep? Probably not a good idea considering most of us are already feeling the effects of not enough sleep as it is. 

Actually falling asleep tends to be a major problem for many people. Whether it is taking forever to actually nod off, or not being able to rack up enough uninterrupted sleeping hours. There are a number of factors that can contribute to this. In this blog we will be looking at a few of the best ways to fall asleep faster and deeper.
1) Technology
A major factor that has contributed to modern day sleep problems is technology. TV, laptops and especially phones are as common an accessory in bed with adults as comfort items are with kids. Maybe even more so. 

Unfortunately all that concentrated bright light dilates your pupils. This makes your brain think it's daytime making it harder to fall asleep and adjust to the darkness. Your brain also becomes over stimulated further making shutting down difficult. 

Ceasing the use of any technology 30mins to 1 hour before your desired sleep time will go a long way to helping you sleep better and longer.
2) Music
Listening to relaxing music before or while sleeping can help get your body and mind to relax and help you doze off. As stated above a switched off mind is key to transferring into a sleepy state so volume levels here are important. You want to make sure it is faint and not at a jarring level. This will awaken your senses and ends up making it harder to sleep. 
3) Reading/audio books
No matter all the good intentions in the world, trying to read before bed seems to prompt sleep almost every time. If sleeping is proving difficult, it might be time to use this to your advantage. Again, if audio books are your preference, a moderate volume is advised. 
4) Meditation
Science is now proving the power of regular mindfulness meditation. Some of these include, better focus and decision-making. Meditating before sleep can also be very beneficial for calming the mind and helping us get to a sleep state. 

In the most basic forms of meditation you aim to relax the mind and simply focus on your breathing, letting thoughts drift in and out of consciousness. It is definitely a practice that improves and gets better with time. There are several great APS that can teach you how to get started with meditation and guide you through the process.

Fazz, Qualified Fitness Trainer & Health Enthusiast