About Us

Our Co-Founder Ash had suffered from various digestive problems for several years – predominantly acid reflux and heartburn.

Reluctantly Ash had been managing these symptoms with prescription medication. On his travels, a family member introduced him to Kombucha and its effects were immediate.

As soon as Ash got back to the UK the first thing he did was attempt to track down some Kombucha to drink. Unfortunately – there was close to zero availability and the quality was not great…so Ash decided to brew the drink himself with the help of Team CUL-CHA (Veronica, Faruq, Isabelle and Kayode)

After perfecting the process we began sharing our Kombucha with friends and family and they all loved it

CUL-CHA Kombucha was born from this experience.

At CUL-CHA Kombucha we are 100% committed to quality and all of our brewing takes place in London.